Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 3/26/17

coupon insertsBelow you will find the Sunday coupon insert preview for Sunday 3/26. We are projecting to receive (2) coupon inserts on 3/26: (1) Smartsource coupon insert and (1) Red Plum coupon insert. Please remember that coupon inserts can AND do vary by zip code. What you receive may not be what you see in this preview. We have already listed pre-orders for these coupon inserts on Insert Insanity where you can order whole inserts and have them delivered right to your door! Just need some extras of a few coupons? We will also be listing 10 count lots of individually clipped coupons on Wiz Clipz shortly. In no way should this national preview list be construed as a recap of the Insert Insanity coupon inserts. It is a best guess ONLY and applies to the entire country.

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Bertoli $1.50/2 Sauces 15oz or larger (4/23)

Brut $1/1 Classic Fragrance, A/P, Deodorants & Twin Pack.  Not valid on Shave Foam, Razors, Soap or any Revolution 2.25oz Deodorant Product (4/23)

Colgate $1/1 Total, Optick White, Enamel Health or Sensitive Toothpast 3oz + (4/15)

Colgate $1/1 Mouthwash or Moouth Rinse 400ml or larger (4//15)

Dulcolax $2/1 Dulcolax or DulcoEase product 25ct or larger or Suppositories 4ct or larger (4/30)

Earth Balance $1/1 any product (5/15)

Eucerin $1.50/1 Body Lotion or Crème Product 2oz – 16.9oz (4/9)

Eucerin $1.50/1 Baby Product 2oz – 13.5oz (4/9)

Finlandia $1/1 Product (6/30)

Finlandia $1/1 Creamy Gourmet Cheese (6/30)

Fiora .55/1 12 Roll Bath Tissue or 6-Roll Paper Towels or 6-Pack Facial Tissue or larger (5/31)

Hormel $3/1 Gatherings Party Tray 20oz or larger (5/22)

Hormel .75/1 Natural Choice Deli Sandwich Meat (5/22)

InnovAsian $1.50/1 Cuisine Item (5/15)

Kind $1 off 4 individual bars or any single 4 pack box (4/30)

Lifeway $1/1 Kefir 32oz Bottle (7/31)

Lifeway $1/1 Frozen Kefir Item (7/31)

Lifeway $5/1 Probiotic Supplement 30 day supply (7/31)

Lifeway $1/1 PROBUGS 4-pack (7/31)

Lifeway Buy One Kefir Cup, Get One Free (7/31)

Lifeway Buy One Farmer Cheese Cup, Get One Free (7/31)

Nabisco $1/2 Packages of Multipacks any variety 12oz or larger (5/4)

Nabisco .75/2 Packages Ritz Crisp & Thins Chips any variety 7.1oz or larger (5/6)

Simply Skinny .55/1 24 oz package of Mashed Potatoes (5/31)

Softsoap .75/1 Body Wash 15oz or larger (4/15)

Softsoap .75/1 Liquid Hand Soap Pump 8oz+ or Refill 28oz+ (4/8)

Sure $1/1 2.5oz, 2.7oz Twin Pack or 6oz Proudct NOT Valid on 1.3oz, 1.5/1.7oz (4/23)

Spray n Wash $1/1 Pre-Treat Trigger 22oz or (1) Max Trigger 16oz/22oz (6/1)

Welch’s $1/2 Fruit Snacks, Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks or New Fruit Rolls 8oz or larger bag or 6 ct or larger box (5/6)

Zantac $4/1 Duo Fusion Product 20 ct + or Zantac 24ct + (4/30)

Zantact $6/1 Duo Fusion Proudct 55ct or Zantact 50ct + (4/1)

Zim’s $2/1 Max Brand Pain Relief of Skin Care Product (4/30)

Red Plum

Clairol $5/2 Boxes Clairol Hair Color excludes Age Defy, Balsam, Textures & Tones and trial/travel (4/8)

Clairol $2/1 Box or Clairol Hair Color excludes Balsam, Age Defy and travel/trial size (4/8)

Covergirl $2/1 Face Product excludes Cheekers, accessories and trial/travel size (4/8

Covergirl $2/1 Product excludes 1-kits, Cheekers, accessories and trial/travel size (4/8)

Culturelle $5/1 Kids Regularity Product (6/30)

Krud Kutter $1.50/1 Item 12oz or larger (5/31)

L’Oreal $3/1 Hair Expert Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Product (4/22)

M&M Mars $1/2 M&M’s Chocolate Candies 2oz or larger, Dove Chocolate Silky Smooth Eggs & Bunnies 4.5oz or larger, Minis Mix Variety Bags 10.5 oz or larger, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers Brands, 4.5oz or larger. (4/16)

Nasacort $2/1 24HR 60 Spray (4/8)

Nasacort $4/1 24HR 120 Spray or larger (4/8)

Nutrisystem .50/1 Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem D item (5/7)

Purex $1/1 Liquid or powder laundry detergent or Crystals 17oz fragrance Booster (4/8) Dollar General Coupon

Purina $5/1 Bag Purina Beyond Brand Dry Dog Food Any Size, Any Variety (6/30)

Purina Buy 3 cans of Beyond Brand Wet Dog Food any Variety, Get One Can of Beyond Brand Wet Dog Food any Variety Free. (up to $1.99)  (6/30)

Purina $5/1 Bay Beyond Brand Dry Cat Food Any Size Any Variety (6/30)

Purina Buy 4 Cans Beyond Brand Wet Cat Food any Variety, Get One Can Beyond Brand Wet Cat Food Any Variety FREE (up to $1.10) (6/30)

Renuzit Buy 2 Get One Free Air Freshener Item (4/8) Dollar General Coupon

Soft Scrub .50/1 item (4/8) Dollar General Coupon

Success Rice .50/1 Product (7/17)

SuperPretzel .75/1 Soft Pretzel Product (5/21)

Xyzal $2/1 Allergy 24HR or Children’s 5oz (4/8)

Xyzal $4/1 Allergy 24HR 35ct or larger (4/8)

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